Key Resource Experts

The most important asset that we have in the company is the quality of our staff. We have the professional staff with proper qualifications and background to understand the clients’ needs and to translate them into quality outputs.



S.No. Name Qualification Position
1 BickeeDev B.A. Managing Director
2 Pramila Thakur I.A. Director


Full Time Staff


S.No. Name Position
1 Awadh Kishor Deo Agronomist
2 Mohan Swor Civil Engineer
Krishna Prasad Pokhrel Geomatic Engineer
Ram Chandra Prasad Agrahari Agriculturist
Nabin Subedi GIS Expert
Balram Singh GIS Expert
PuranShrestha Highway Engineer
Srijan Khadka CAD Engineer
Ravi Kumar Gupta Civil Engineer
10  Ram Bahadur Karkee Administration
11  Rachna Singh Accountant
12  ArchanaDev Receptionist
13  Krishna Dev Computer Operator
14  Bijendra Khatri Computer Engineer
15  Shashi Bhusan Mandal Store Keeper
16  Amit Kumar Sah Librarian


Human Resource


S.No. Name Qualification Position Year Of Experience
1 Keshav Sharma M.Sc. in Geology Hydropower Engineer  
2 Deepak Chaudhary M.A. in Sociology Sociologist  
3 Sohan Kumar Karna Ph.D. in Economics Economist 10
4 Salil Devkota M.Sc. in Environment & Civil Engineering Environmentalist 15
5 Keshav Awashthi Ph.D.  Environmental degradation Land Use Planner 12
6 Hridya Lal Koirala PhD. in Geography GIS Expert 25 
7 Pushkar K. Pradhan PhD. in Geography GIS Expert 30
8 Umesh Kumar Mandal Masters of Technology in Remote Sensing & Geographical Information System GIS Expert 19
9 Ashweswor Jha M.Sc. in Agriculture Agriculturist 30
10 Bindeshwor Prasad Sah Ph.D. in Agriculture(Specialization in Agronomy) Agronomist 25
11 Jay Narayan Yadav M.Sc. in Agroforestry Agro Forester 10
12 Ishwar Chandra Dutta Post Graduate Diploma in Forestry Forestry 25
13 Sher Bahadur Gurung Master's Degree in Arts of Geography RS Expert 15
14 Toyanath Baral Masters of Science in Photogrammetry and Geo-informatics GIS Expert 15
15 Pabitra Dahal M.Sc. in Environmental Science, Specialization in Mountain Environment Environmentalist 8
16 Kamal Sah Post Graduate Diploma in Remote Sensing and GIS RS Expert 15
17 Gyanendra Maharjan Bachelor’s in Civil Engineer Civil Engineer 3
18 Abhash Joshi Bachelor’s in Geomatics Engineer Geomatics Engineer 1
19 Suresh Shrestha Bachelor Degree in Architecture Architect 4
20 Dipendra Uprety M. Sc. in Geotechnical Engineering & B. E. in Civil Engineering Civil Engineer & Geo-technical Engineer 7
21 Sudip Deuja Bachelor’s in Geomatics Engineer Geomatics Engineer 1
22 Binod Kumar Chaudhary Bachelor’s in Geomatics Engineer Geomatics Engineer 1
23 Rajan Shrestha M.Sc in Urban Planning Urban Planner 13
24 Dhruba Prasad Dhungel Bachelor in Civil Engineering Civil Engineer 12
25 Sulendra Kumar Yadav Bachelor in Civil Engineering Civil Engineer 6
26 Man Bahadur Gurung MCA Computer Engineer 5
27 Ajeet Kumar Chaudhary Bachelor in Civil Engineering Civil Engineer 6


In addition, the firm maintains a "roster" of over 100 highly qualified and competent professionals (engineers, architects, planners, geologists, environmentalists, agriculturists, forestry experts, sociologists, economists, computer specialists, geographers, GIS experts and other experts) who are available for short or long-term assignments, as per requirement.

Project Engineering and Environmental Studies Consultant (P) Ltd. has been formed in 2059 B.S. We are one of Nepal's premier engineering and related professional services enterprise.

Koteshwor - 35, Kathmandu, Nepal,


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